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        Establish a central source of truth and drive compliance to document control processes.

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        Proarc Engineering Document Management Software helps teams drive document control best practices that lead to improved design quality, reduced risk, and increased profitability.



        Proarc’s document management system is purpose-built to manage engineering documents and provides teams with controlled collaboration tools, automated workflows that support document control best practices, and a central, reliable repository for all project and asset operations documents.


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        SharePoint or Proarc Document Control Software?


        9 reasons customers choose Proarc EDMS over SharePoint to support their critical document control processes.


        Read why customers choose Proarc over SharePoint for document control.



        Built for documents, process, and progress


        Proarc EDMS is the perfect solution for companies that need to organize, plan, execute, collaborate, track, and deliver documentation, from the moment a document requirement arises to the handover and operation of the completed facility. With Proarc your entire team can deliver on schedule at each milestone and be audit-ready at any time.

        Flexible, Scalable, and Industry-Proven

        Proarc is a highly configurable system that meets the unique requirements of projects and operations while supporting the overall policies and governance requirements of the entire organization.

        Our solutions have been successfully used across the industry for 30 years on implementations of all sizes and are designed to scale up to growing requirements.


        “We believe Proarc has supported deep client integration on projects of all  sizes that cannot be matched by our competitors”

        “Proarc is a very adaptable, user-friendly system which has allowed us  to streamline our processes for rapid delivery to our clients”
        “Proarc offers significant efficiency savings as well as  improved overview and quality of documentation.“

        Why Use Proarc EDMS?

        Proarc Engineering Document Management-Software Two Devices
            • Improve information quality

          • Ensure compliance to policies & standards

          • Reduce errors and rework

          • Improve team performance

          • Identify and mitigate risk

        • Reduce claims and disputes

        Your Proarc EDMS

        The Proarc Engineering Document Management System offers standard platform and optional add-on features, allowing you to configure your system to your needs.

        Document Management Fundamentals

        Central access to repositories for project & operational documents and related data. Change management with advanced revision control and access to historical revisions. Full-text and metadata searches to quickly find the right documents. Detailed audit records for each action and event in the system, from document status changes to workflow assignments, electronic signatures and file downloads. Support for document control processes to validate, review, approve, track, and distribute documents.

        Flexible Metadata Coding & Numbering

        Flexible configuration features to define metadata rules for numbering, classification and validation. Multiple metadata layouts for each repository make it easy for users to find information using tailored views.

        AutoCAD File Reference Management

        Automation to protect integrity of multi-part AutoCAD files & revisions. Master-dependent file relationships to ensure accurate links throughout the lifecycle, supporting check-in and out, workflow assignments, collaboration activities, transmittal, and handover.

        File Authoring & Office Support

        Consistent document creation process using predefined templates with data merge, and automatic updates. Integration with Microsoft Office 365 for authoring and editing documents.

        Bulk Import & Export

        Flexible import & export of files and metadata. Rules for handling revision-level attributes and files, data validation, import and export layout definitions. Scheduling and automation for watched folders.

        PDF Conversion

        Convert or merge files to PDF from multiple file formats based on configurable rules and triggers.

        Bulk Copy & Paste 

        Proarc supports bulk copy and paste of document numbers from search document lists to a workflow document list.

        Outbound Transmittal & Comment Sheets

        Process support for collecting, organizing, validating, and distributing outgoing documents. Automated generation of PDF comment sheets and transmittal cover sheets.


        Tools for collection, output, and formatting of information packages for handover to clients. Publishing to offline web document catalogs including categorization and table of contents.

        Advanced Search Queries

        Criteria built using operators, parameters, and nested grouping to generate specific lists of document profiles. Streamlines the location of information users search for in EDMS.

        Detachable Document Profiles

        Simplified comparison of document profiles and file copying across document profiles, revisions, and document profile levels with drag-and-drop functionality.


        Developing, approving, issuing, and tracking completion of packages of document deliverables.

        Bulk Allocation

        Pre-allocate document profiles and numbers prior to creation of documents. Link to packages for planning and tracking.

        Milestones & Rules of Credit

        Define milestones and link them to document status values, workflow events, or other criteria. Define milestone chains and assign percentage completion for each milestone achievement.

        Progress Monitoring

        Calculate progress based on milestone achievement, document packages and weights. View planned, forecasted, and actual completion dates and percentages. Visualize progress using charts and graphs.

        Packages Replanning

        Link plans to actual completion dates from Proarc workflow. Automatically update the plan with new due dates based on actual completion date.


        Integrate with third-party tools, such as Primavera P6, Safran and Microsoft Project. Aggregate document progress for document packages and export for more accurate picture of progress in your third-party planning tool.

        Dashboards and Reports

        Real-time summary and KPI reports provide transparency, accountability, and actionable insights on document information, workflow progress, and user activities. Drill-down reports and widgets enable users to access a high-level view and drill down to underlying details.

        Notifications and Alerts

        Automated & event-driven alerts notify users when specified activities occur, potential issues arise, or auto-escalation dates and times have been reached.

        Actioning and Expediting

        Reports and workflow tools provide team members with full transparency to progress for manual action, while automation provides the ability to automate actions based on rules, such as auto-assigning a task to a different person when the task is past due.

        Document History

        Detailed document history provides users with information to help troubleshoot issues, take corrective action, and/or avoid future issues, such as claims.

        Delivery Tracking

        Tools to help ensure documents meet milestones and timelines. Actual document dates can be checked against planned document dates to highlight discrepancies.

        Sharing with External Parties

        Separate collaboration system in the Cloud for sharing documents with external parties. Synchronization with official document repositories to avoid uncontrolled copies.

        Review & Approval

        Automated workflows for distribution, review, and approval by external parties. Authorization matrix and recipient lists to subject matter experts based on document classifications, timing, and other policies. Templates for industry-accepted processes for interdisciplinary squad check, client document review, routing & notification.

        Real-Time Commenting

        Concurrent markups allow multiple users to add comments simultaneously while others add comments in real-time.

        Copy Documents

        The Copy Documents Add-on increases the efficiency of batch file copy operations for power users.



        The Mobile Add-on supports users who need access from areas with offline or low-bandwidth connections (e.g., in a mine or on a ship).


        Mobile Details

        Document Organizer 

        The Document Organizer Add-on provides efficient and complete document handover, mitigating the time-intensive and error-prone process of manual compilation of accurate documentation. 


        Document Organizer Details


        The Planning Add-on provides document progress measurement using milestones and configurable rules of credit. 


        Planning Details

        Drawing File Management 

        The Drawing File Management Add-on effectively manages AutoCAD files & revisions, mitigating costly errors caused by out-of-sync files during check-in/out or handover. 


        Drawing File Management Details


        The ProView Add-on provides improved productivity and review quality for teams while reducing potential cost and collaboration risk, with the help of ProView PDF Converter, ProView Viewer, ProView Markup, and ProView Comment Sheets.  


        ProView Details

        Malware Scanning Package

        The Proarc Online Malware Scanning Package protects your EDMS from malicious content using Microsoft Defender Antivirus capabilities. 

        Web API

        The Web API Add-on enables the integration of Proarc EDMS documents and data.  


        Web API Details

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        Release 7.4
        Dashboards, Bulk Updates, and More...


        Proarc 7.4 provides several new tools and features that help its users improve efficiency and decision-making when working with engineering documentation and processes. Read the release blog post to dive deeper into the latest version.


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