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        Proarc Document Organizer

        [ Proarc EDMS Add-On ]


        Proarc Document Organizer's automation capabilities reduce the time to contract closeout, allowing you and suppliers to get paid faster. 


        The Document Organizer add-on helps teams avoid the time-intensive, manual, and error-prone process of compiling a complete and accurate set of documentation. 




        Document Organizer publishes documents and metadata for offline use in a variety of structures and formats. Whether it's used for client handover packages or for providing information access at remote job sites, Document Organizer can help to dramatically improve communications and reduce errors when supplying sets of documentation.

        Download Proarc Document Organizer Brochure

        Why Use Proarc Document Organizer?

        • Meet client-specific requirements for numbering, layout, and branding

        • Organize information in client operations models

        • Accelerate contract closeout and final payment

        • Automate time-intensive, manual process of documentation compilation

        • Ensure all stakeholders have correct revisions

        • Move large volumes of information to remote job sites or offshore locations for local access

        • Avoid network latency issues caused by downloading from central servers

        Proarc Document Organizer Capabilities

        Format Packages with Templates:
        • Define branding and banner images
        • Define tabs for Home Page, Show All
        • Define styles (CSS)


        Configure Exports:
        • Define queries for specific data export
        • Define metadata columns to include
        • Define column order
        • Define navigation tree structure
        • Include or exclude file types
        • Include documents with or without files
        • Select specific revisions

        Perform Exports:
        • Select documents to export
        • Select location for exported publication files
        Navigate Output:
        • Browse document metadata and files offline using a web browser
        • Navigate in folders
        • Perform full-text metadata search
        • View files 

        Download Proarc Document Organizer Brochure

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