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        Interface Management
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        Formally align interfacing delivery teams on scope delineation, requirements, and deliverables with Interface Connect.

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        Coreworx Interface Connect is interface management software that drives the process of defining, tracking, and resolving project interfaces.


        Interface Connect software provides teams with automated tools that facilitate formal alignment between contracting parties at interfaces on large capital projects. Interface Connect manages the communication and activities required to define and control scope delineation, track all interface requests to completion, and ensure key stakeholders are kept informed.

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        Coreworx Interface Management Software Dashboard

        Mitigate Interface Risk


        For managers of complex engineering and construction projects, our interface management system formalizes collaboration, ensuring all parties at all phases understand and accept interface responsibilities and deliverables. This helps teams minimize integration mistakes that can cost companies millions.

        Effectively managing interfaces leads to more predictable project outcomes. Project owners, EPCs, and other project stakeholders can leverage Coreworx Interface Connect to monitor interface progress, identify trends, and mitigate interface-related schedule risk through interactive dashboards and reports.

        Interface Management Best Practice


        Supporting best practices in interface management, Coreworx Interface Connect replaces spreadsheets or paper-based interface management systems that limit the efficiency of contractor interactions, deliverable timelines, and oversight of interface issues.

        Avoid costly and unnecessary interface errors by formally connecting and coordinating teams to keep all stakeholders aligned at shared interfaces.

        Coreworx Interface Management Software Inbox
        Interface Management at
        Any Project Phase
        Ascertra-Icons-Web-01_Ascertra-FrontEndPlanning 1
        FEP / FEED
        • Interface identification
        • Scope definition
        • Define roles & responsibilities
        • Online Interface Register
        Ascertra-Icons-Web-01_Ascertra-DesignImplementation 1
        Detailed Design
        • Interface agreements
        • Monitor progress
        • Escalation alerts
        Ascertra-Icons-Web-01_Ascertra-Construct 1
        Construction & Pre-Commissioning
        • Management oversight
        • Schedule integration
        • Construction sequencing
        • Pre-commissioning activities


        Ascertra-Icons-Web-01_Ascertra-Commission 1
        Commissioning & Start-up
        • Handover ready
        • Interface status report


        Why Use Coreworx Interface Connect?

        Coreworx Interface Management Software Two Devices
            • Formalize scope delineation

          • Mitigate cost & schedule risk

          • Reduce errors and rework

          • Improve accountability at project interfaces

          • Ensure compliance to policies and standards

        Interface Connect
        Interface Management Software Features:

        Coreworx Interface Connect Software provides projects with automated tools to help drive interface management best practice across contracting parties throughout the project life cycle.

        Interface Scope Package Definition & Award


        Formalized identification and assignment of major scopes of work to verify responsibility and authority over interface responsibility

        Contracting Party Profiles & Membership


        Identification of contractors, vendors, suppliers, and partners involved in interface activities

        Contracting Party Confidentiality Matrix


        Protection of confidential information and identities between interfacing parties

        Interface Point Process


        Formal definition of a project interface for common reference across interfacing parties, which includes important interface properties and definition of scope split.

        Interface Phase Transition


        Process that supports your contracting strategy by adjusting responsible parties and scopes of work across project phases.

        Interface Agreement Process


        Formal communications documenting the needs of one contracting party and the commitment of the other contracting party to meet these needs, on or before a certain date.

        Owner / PMT Endorsement Process


        Process to facilitate an owner’s visibility and authorization to ensure compliance to scope and schedule objectives and avoid rework.

        Interface Queries / Action Item Process


        Agile and tactical method to support adhoc assignment and completion of key activities related to an interface agreement.

        Interface Bulk Import/Export


        Ability to import interface content in order to save time and gain adoption.

        Working Folders


        Collaboration areas to share, edit, and markup files for project teams.

        Interface Register and Search


        Interactive list of interfaces to provide visibility and reference to interfaces, changes, actions, and responsibilities. Full-text and metadata search also provided.

        Standard Document Repositories


        Central source of controlled information related to interfaces, giving all stakeholders access to correct revisions and full history for discovery or handover purposes.

        Definable Codes and Numbering


        Configurable codes and numbering to support unique project and client standards for classification of interface content.

        Interface Dashboard


        Interactive summary of interface status and progress metrics alerting interface managers to issues and enabling them to take mitigation action.

        Interface Reports


        A collection of standard reports to reveal interface issues, progress, and trends.

        Interface Schedule Integration


        Configurable codes and numbering to support unique project and client standards for classification of interface content.

        Notifications & Alerts


        System generated messages and watch lists prompting responsible parties to take action regarding high-risk interfaces or interface activities on the critical path. In additions, these notifications communicate interface status changes to key stakeholders.

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        Project Interface KPIs


        KPIs provide invaluable insights that help teams manage complex capital projects through each phase of the project lifecycle to successful completion. What many may not know, however, is the depth of insight projects can obtain from the KPIs produced through their interface management program.


        A panel of experienced interface management professionals discuss the interface management KPIs they have found invaluable on their projects.


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        IM SmartCheck
        Start or Optimize Your Interface Management Program


        Whether interface management is a new concept to you or you already have an IM program in place, Coreworx IM SmartCheck can help you gain a better understanding of the IM practice and identify how to implement or optimize your program for the best results. 

        Contact us to hear more about our IM SmartCheck program. 

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        Looking to learn how interface management helps projects better manage cost growth? Or maybe you want to see how experienced interface managers have structured their interfaces? Or maybe you're looking for information about interface management KPIs?

        Look no further, Interface Management 101 provides resources to answer your interface management questions. Whether your starting a new program or looking to optimize, there are resources here to answer all of your questions.  

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