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        Defining Contractor Scope of Work at Project Interfaces

        Avoid scope gaps or overlaps between contracting parties at project interfaces.

        Coreworx Interface Management software helps major projects avoid the scope gaps and overlaps that can occur when multiple contracting parties are collaborating to deliver a project. Interface management helps projects overcome these issues through formal scope delineation at interfaces.
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        The diagram above likely looks familiar to many reading this article. It represents a typical major project by today's standards. Managing projects, especially with this type of complexity, requires constant focus on scope and this must include identifying and managing the dependencies or interfaces between these scopes of work. Without clear scope delineation and open channels of communication, delivery teams are not aware of their interface responsibilities or even who they're supposed to interface with.


        Coreworx Interface Point Process

        At Coreworx, we help project teams ensure effective scope definition through the interface point process. Interface points provide a formal definition of a project interface for common reference across interfacing parties, which includes important interface properties and definition of scope split. Interface points are also used to provide an anchor for all related interface deliverables and provide a means to monitor scheduled impact and progress.

        The Coreworx interface point process formally ensures affected contracting parties define, understand, and have access to:

        • The interface description
        • Roles & responsibilities
        • Owner expectations
        • Interface deliverables
        • Means to monitor schedule impact & progress

        Scope Delineation Demo

        The software demonstration below illustrates how features within the Coreworx Interface Management solution help to ensure formal scope delineation is identified and understood by all affected project parties.




        Avoid Gaps or Overlaps Between Contracting Parties

        As a project owner, you really need to have a high degree of certainty on scope as early as possible. The Coreworx interface point process will help define scope, ensure a clear execution strategy, and provide the foundation for a common understanding between interfacing parties; helping to reduce ambiguity that can result in costly errors and delays

        If you would like to see more of the Coreworx Interface Management software in action, request a demo today.


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