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        Interface Management Continuity Despite the Covid-19 Crisis

        2020 has been unique for everyone. Not for a hundred years, since 1918, has the global population shared such interest in a single issue, namely COVID-19.

        Like many others, our team had to quickly adapt to working from home, with colleagues spread out across locations in Canada, USA, Norway, and India. The added challenge of maintaining operations remotely in order to support our clients, who are executing major capital projects that include the design and construction of some of the biggest and most complex industrial facilities around the globe, has resulted in the same work, just in very different locations.

        During a recent conversation between Matt McKinley, our General Manager, and the interface management team at Técnicas Reunidas, Matt learned of a unique and unexpected situation resulting from the COVID-19 crisis. While the interface manager was at a client site, back in his home country of Spain COVID cases had been confirmed in all 50 provinces of the country and Spain imposed a lock down on March 14, 2020

        By the time the interface manager returned to Madrid, all workers were ordered to remain at home. For some projects, this may have resulted in delays and confusion as the project scrambled to determine how best to facilitate communication and collaboration across the various delivery teams, but this was not the experience in this case.

        Coreworx Interface Management is hosted from independent and secure data centers that are accessed via an Internet connection for users with security credentials – so regardless of location, be that on-site or working from the home office in Madrid, managing interfaces on projects is “business as usual”.  

        The Coreworx system is proving vital in keeping the project connected and moving forward in a collaborative environment during these unusual times. Working remotely, project teams are able to continue managing interfaces and collaborate using the online interface register.

        As we each continue to navigate through the 2020 crisis somewhat independently, it's helpful to share experiences regarding methods and tools that help us effectively work during this time.

        We are all discovering novel ways of working or realizing the capabilities of technologies we already had at our fingertips, and, we  are very proud that our solutions have kept projects connected and working effectively.

        If you’re interested in learning more about interface management and what benefits it has provided projects, check out our webinar that we co-hosted with the Construction Industry Institute: Interface Management Project Results & Help in Challenging Times.

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