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        Coreworx Announces Release of Interface Connect 4.0

        Houston, Texas (December 1, 2020) Coreworx is pleased to announce the release of Interface Connect 4.0 – the latest evolution of their industry-leading interface management software for engineering and construction projects. Interface Connect provides capital projects with the interface management best practice processes teams around the world have trusted for more than 15 years and combines that power with new user-centric experiences aimed at optimizing efficiencies, adoption, and ease of use for all parties.

        Interface Connect - The latest evolution of Coreworx interface management software for major projects.

        Coreworx Interface Connect 4.0 Software is now available for projects.

        Matt McKinley, General Manager at Coreworx said of the release, “ Interface Connect is more than just a new version of the software -it’s a realignment of fitting our tools to user purpose and current technological needs. It demonstrates the path forward for future Coreworx software releases. We will continue to invest in best-of-class information management process automation and advanced collaboration tools for projects. We seek to continually refine the user experience, improving project execution outcomes that meet the ever-changing needs of modern users.”

        Kelly Maloney, Senior Product Manager, added, “Interface Connect has been designed with customer input to ensure user-friendly compliance to proven interface management processes. The user-focused experience aims to drive seamless adoption by all parties and allow the team to concentrate on collaboration alignment that helps reduce project risk instead of figuring out how to use software tools. We’re extremely proud of what our team is delivering to our customers in this solution and we’re very happy to announce that is now available for deployment on projects.”

        To learn more about Interface Connect, see our Interface Connect page or watch the recording from Kelly Maloney's recent Interface Connect first-look demo webinar.

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