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        Spreadsheets Were Not Built for Interface Management

        You have quality team members, equipment, resources, and procedures in place to execute your capital projects on time and on budget, but you’re still falling short of this goal time and again. What are you missing? If you’re still using spreadsheets to manage the interfaces between your scope packages and contractors, you’re likely missing a lot.

        Interface issues can translate into hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars lost. According to a study conducted by the Construction Industry Institute (CII)1, there can be as much as a 14% swing in capital project cost growth between projects that have a mature interface management program in place vs. those that do not. With this much investment at stake, does it make sense to scrimp on the tool you choose to manage your interfaces and related risk?

        There is no doubt that spreadsheets have their place in the world. Spreadsheets may be able to handle a small project with a few interfaces, but, as projects increase in size and complexity, the number of scope packages increase, which increases the number of stakeholders, in turn increasing the number of interfaces – and spreadsheets were not built to manage the rigors of interfaces at this level.

        Before making a decision on what tool you will use for interface management, consider the following chart.


        Control Cost Growth with Interface Management

        Learn more about how the practice of interface management, supported by interface management software, helps keep cost growth under control on capital projects.

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        RS302-1 – Interface Management

        (Blog Post Updated from original on December 12, 2022)

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