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        Proarc Web API

        [ Proarc EDMS Add-On ]


        The Proarc Web API (Application Programming Interface) is an optional add-on that provides software developers with tools to integrate Proarc documents and data with other business applications.


        Most business functions in Proarc are exposed in the Proarc API for software developers to leverage.


        Project Application Interface - Proarc API


        Proarc supports two types of integration: API Level Integration to run the integration in unattended mode to exchange data between two or more systems, and Custom Application Integration where customers can develop an app which integrates with Proarc API and also uses Proarc's authentication flow.

        Download Proarc Web API Brochure

        Why Use Proarc Web API?
        • Integrate Proarc documents & data with other business applications

        • Leverage contemporary common interface technologies, methods, and tools

        • Keep information secure from unauthorized access

        • Maintain Proarc information integrity with revision control, validation, & auditing

        • Retrieve, add, and update document information in Proarc

        • Support the selection of a subset of values - return JSON or XML as required 


        Proarc Web API Capabilities


        Proarc API provides RESTful web services for retrieving, adding, and updating document information in the Proarc EDMS, including:



        • Retrieve a list of documents based on specified criteria
        • Create new documents or update document metadata
        • Create new revisions
        • Modify a revision, set revision status, etc.
        • Import files to a document
        • Retrieve files from a document
        • Check-out and check-in files
        • Create users or modify users 
        • Add users to groups or assign permissions
        • Create or modify contact persons
        • Add or modify values in look-up tables, such as projects
        • Create workflows

        • Retrieve workflow activities
        • Modify planning data
        • Retrieve progress on documents
        • Each request returns JSON or XML as required
        • Action filters let you select a subset of values



        • For each integration, a security token is issued based on a Client ID and a secret
        • Authentication and authorization for the Client ID are managed by the same protocols for Proarc users 



        • Activity is logged in the same way as the action would be logged if they were performed using the Proarc EDMS
        • When the Web API receives a security token, it records the user log in audit event
        Sample Application


        Proarc includes a sample application that uses a range of methods to illustrate functionality and provide guidance to application developers.




        Complete API reference documentation with information about methods, parameters, error conditions, and JSON response descriptions.

        Download Proarc Web API Brochure

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