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        Proarc Release 7.3 – Mass Update, ProView, and More

        Proarc Release 7.3 provides many new features that will help teams improve efficiencies when managing technical engineering documentation and processes. The following highlights some of the features included in this release. Please contact Ascertra for complete information on Proarc 7.3.


        Proarc 7.3 Delivers EFFICIENCY

        We are very excited to announce the release of the latest Proarc engineering document management software - Proarc Release 7.3. This release has been developed with the goal of improving quality and increasing efficiencies across teams. Some of the advantages Proarc 7.3 provides include:

        • Administrators require less time to manage the application
        • Engineers review documents faster
        • Field Users engage & work offline
        • Planners create packages & documents more easily

        Proarc Release 7.3 Highlights

        Proarc 7.3 delivers many new features, enhancements, and improvements that will help improve team efficiencies and quality. Highlights of the new features include:

        • Mass Update in Proarc Desktop spreadsheet mode
        • Advanced Search allows authorized users to add SQL queries
        • Workflow enhancements for starting workflows, managing recipients, forwarding activities, and more
        • Document Organizer for exporting files into publications for offline use
        • New ProView viewing and annotation
        • The new Copy Documents utility creates bulk quantities of documents from existing ones
        • The Mobile application supports offline documents
        • Planning documents added across multiple packages

        More Proarc 7.3 Functionality

        The above highlights some of the key developments from 7.3. For details on all features provided in this latest release, please contact us. Our solution experts will be happy to discuss all the details of this release, including how you can access these features.


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