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        Proarc 7.2 Feature Pack 2 – Advanced Search & Copy Documents

        Proarc Release 7.2 - Feature Pack 2 provides many new features that will help teams improve efficiencies when managing technical engineering documentation and processes. The following highlights some of the features included in this pack. Please contact Ascertra for complete information on Feature Pack 2.

        Feature Pack 2 Highlights

        Highlights of the new functionality provided in Feature Pack 2:

        Advanced Search Queries

        Advanced search queries provide the ability for users to build and save their own advanced queries, providing the ability to quickly locate the information they are seeking and improve efficiency. Queries can be built using various operators, parameters, and nested grouping to generate a list of document profiles based on the given criteria. Queries can then be saved as private or shared queries.

        Advanced search queries replace Extended Search in Proarc 6 and are built with the new web framework, plus integrate into the desktop client to use result list options, such as Edit in Spreadsheet.

        Benefits of Advanced Search Queries include:

        • Improved search efficiency
        • Users can create advanced queries as needed
        • Ability to share queries and custom search forms
        • Ability to combine search operators for refined search results
        • Take advantage of the regular result list features, such as selecting/deselecting columns and sorting or filtering to refine the result even further

        Proarc Advanced SearchFigure 1: Advanced Search Queries - click for larger image.


        Copy Documents

        The new Copy Documents feature helps users save a substantial amount of time and effort by reusing existing documents when starting a new project for example. This new feature allows users with administrator permissions to copy single or multiple documents from one repository to either the same repository or a different repository.

        The Copy Documents feature replaces the Proarc 6 Multi-Copy add-on.

        Benefits of Copy Documents include:

        • Save time starting a new project by copying existing documents
        • Choose to copy all revisions, latest revisions, or current revisions
        • Quickly copy all files of a selected revision
        • Ability to configure templates for mapping of attributes so all metadata is maintained in the copy process

        Proarc 7.2 Copy DocumentsFigure 2: Copy Documents - click for larger image.

        Undock/Dock Document Profiles

        With the new undock/dock feature, users can detach document profiles from the explorer. This simplifies the comparison of document profiles, as well as copying files across document profiles, revisions, and document profile level with drag and drop functionality.

        Users can close the undocked document profile or simply dock it back to the desktop when finished.

        Benefits of Undock/Dock Document Profiles:

        • Work efficiently with several profiles in parallel
        • Compare document profiles side by side
        • Copy files between document profiles with drag and drop

        Proarc 7.2 Undock or Dock Document ProfilesFigure 3: Dock/Undock Document Profiles - click for larger image.


        More Feature Pack 2 Functionality

        The above highlights some of the key developments from Feature Pack 2. For details on all features provided in 7.2 Feature Pack 2, please contact us. Our solution experts will be happy to discuss all details of the feature pack including how you can access these features.


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