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        Mpower Project Procurement Software

        [ See full Mpower Project Control and Cost Management Software Solution ]


        Mpower's Project Procurement software helps project-based organizations manage the supply chain from purchase requisitions through supplier quotes, purchase orders, goods receipts, and purchase invoices.




        Using Mpower, teams can track earned value, productivity, and schedule compliance while driving cost management best practices that lead to successful project outcomes.

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        Why Use Mpower Project Procurement?

        • Align procurement items to budget, schedule, time writing, and detail estimating

        • Deliver the correct materials & services to projects at the right time

        • Track delivered materials, assign them to the correct work scope, & efficiently manage inventory

        • Centralize all procurement data & leverage information across the organization

        • Enhance spend visibility and cost control

        • Drive compliance to standard procurement processes

        Mpower Project Procurement Capabilities


        Manage the complete supply chain process for projects with one tool. 

        Manage Complete Supply Chain
        • Manage data for the entire life cycle from identification, selection, ordering, receiving, assigning to work site activities, invoicing, and close-out
        • Sub-contracts can optionally track the continuous assessment of value of work done (VOWD) by the service provider
        • Drive all processes and efficiencies through automated workflows


        Intelligent Processing
        • Approved material, equipment, and sub-contract order automatically interpreted as project commitments
        • Delivered materials and equipment interpreted as project cost accruals as are sub-contractor timesheets and/or VOWD measures
        • Sub-contractor timesheet hours may optionally be zero-rated if the sub-contractor costs are being determined using VOWD measures
        • Purchase invoices automatically included in the project actual cost positions

        Integrated Data



        Planning & Scheduling
        • Material and equipment delivery dates can be used as scheduling constraints ensuring that work is scheduled once the required resources are available

        Download Mpower Project Procurement Brochure


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