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        Mpower Project Planning & Estimating Software

        [ See full Mpower Project Control and Cost Management Software Solution ]


        Mpower’s Project Planning and Estimating software helps project-based organizations plan and estimate project work scope definitions through the management of job cards, work orders, engineering CTRs (Cost, Time, Resource definitions), advanced work packages (AWPs), and deliverables management.


        Project teams can leverage norms and templates to bring consistency to estimates and close the feedback loop with time writing that allows for actual hours to be reviewed against estimated hours. This provides continuous improvement and refined estimates for future projects.


        Mpower Project Estimate Software

        Why Use Mpower Project Planning & Estimating Software?

        Mpower Project Estimating Software
        • Ensure consistency of project estimates

          • Enable insights for future projects through the analysis of actual hours against estimated hours

          • Get access to high-level project insights via visual dashboards that allow for drill-down to details 

          • Drive project budget and project schedule information using linked effort and expertise data

        Mpower Project Planning & Estimating Software Capabilities


        Mpower Project Planning & Estimating software allows project discipline specialists to plan work items in terms of their steps, labour estimates, and equipment/material requirements needed to execute the specific piece of work.

        Cross Reference Data & Documents

        Set work items to cross reference associated documents (including drawings), material purchases that must be satisfied for work to start, and any other information required to ensure the job can be completed safely, efficiently, and according to standards.



        Drive Project Budget & Schedule Info

        Generating data and detailed estimates in Mpower can be used to drive budget and schedule information ensuring effort and expertise are linked, used, and shared across all relevant areas. 



        Job Cards
        • Create and manage Job Cards - include all steps and details to complete a scope of work 
        • Fully load resource information manually or pull it from existing norms data stored in Mpower 
        • Require the use of estimating norms data by all discipline specialists (optional)

        Maintenance & Turnaround Work Orders
        • Create and manage maintenance and turnaround work orders - includes all information required to complete work order
        • Reduce time, effort, and cost of developing STO scopes using smart templates
        • Ensure transparency of work order progress based on common status milestones
        • Ensure accurate cost & client price value estimates via existing project estimating rates
        • Automatically include approved work items in schedules

        Estimating Norms
        • Connecting Mpower Time Management - once project execution starts in the field, estimating norms data can be measured, compared, and refined. This feedback loop ensures future estimating norms reflect true site experience. 

        Engineering Cost, Time, Resource (CTRs)
        • Create and manage CTRs - includes all deliverables, due dates, required resources, and progressing methodology
        • Project deliverables can be resource loaded in terms of resource effort required
        • Set deliverable progress information
        • Automatically add project deliverables to the register enabling them for inclusion on transmittals, job cards, and scheduling 



        Work Pack
        • Create and manage package containing combination of job cards, CTRs, and work orders, plus policies, guidelines, HS&E instructions, best practices, impacted systems, tags/functional locations, etc. 

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