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        Mpower Time Management Software

        [ See full Mpower Project Control and Cost Management Software Solution ]


        Mpower’s Time Management software helps project-based organizations get control of timesheets for labor, equipment, or materials (LEMs) with multiple validation and approval stages available.


        With Mpower Time Management, actual hours data is available throughout your project hierarchy and easily integrated with third-party systems such as Primavera, Payroll, and ERP.




        Collect productive and non-productive hours as well as overtime (multiple overtime types). Timesheets can be entered by the individual or by a central timekeeper.

        Download Mpower Time Management Brochure

        Why Use Mpower Time Management?

        • Accurately manage all contractor, subcontractor, employee, and equipment timesheets from one platform

          • Reduce human error and catch errors faster

          • View labour costs in real-time

          • Analyze productivity with instant reports

          • Reduce validation time and shorten the time required to close periods

          • Uncover issues through comparison of actual costs against estimates

        Mpower Time Management Capabilities


        With Mpower's Time Management software, teams can collect timesheets for labour, equipment, and materials (LEMs) on either a daily, weekly, or monthly cycle. All underpinned by a robust process to ensure quality data. 

        Drive Best Practice Processes 

        Workflow-driven processes ensure all team members follow defined processes:


        • Fully-integrated approval processes
        • Structured period closure processes
        • Controlled process for managing late timesheets
        • Controlled edit/update process for already approved timesheets 
        • Separately identify all non-productive and delay times



        Configure Timesheet Workflows

        Several timesheet workflow options are available to ensure the overall time collection process meets exact requirements with quality data.

        Ensure Input Standards & Quality
        • Validate all data on input
        • Restrict entry to active work breakdown structure (WBS) elements only
        • Restrict who can record time based on personal logistic information/swipe data 
        • Restrict the number of available overtime types and ensure only permitted users book overtime



        Manage All Timesheets
        • Supports both team timesheets and individual timesheets 

        Track Granular Job Costing Data
        • Provide complete job costing at the most granular level using comprehensive and flexible cost rate structures

        Download Mpower Time Management Brochure


        Are you ready to get control of timesheets for LEMS?



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