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        Mpower Cost & Budget Control Software

        [ See full Mpower Project Control and Cost Management Software Solution ]


        Mpower's Cost and Budget Control software helps project-based organizations define budgets top-down or bottom-up using data entered during planning and estimating. 




        Using Mpower, teams can maintain complete control of cost (internal), price (external revenue), and hours, including variations and change order information.

        Download Mpower Cost & Budget Control Brochure

        Why Use Mpower Cost & Budget Control?

        • Create accurate budgets using connected, real-time data

          • Get control of project costs

          • Leverage daily earned value data to understand cost performance

          • Empower teams with a central source of reliable data that informs actions and decisions

          • Reduce budget creation and maintenance time


          • Gain insight on work scope changes and budget impact


          • Analyze budget performance using project snapshots

        Mpower Cost & Budget Control Capabilities


        Create, maintain, and track the progress of project budgets.

        Create Smart Budgets
        • Establish cost, revenue, and quantity budgets
        • Create budgets based on estimates entered during the planning phase 
        • Generate budgets from existing lower-level WBS information 
        • Achieve granular control using work sub-categories such as labor, materials, subcontractors, etc. 
        • Automatically phase budgets over time with the added option to apply standard profiles thereby distributing the amounts in recognition of the expected spend 



        Manage Change Order & Variations Impact
        • Automatically apply change orders to the respective budget impacting either the current budget position or the forecast budget position, depending on the change order status
        • Manage project contingency and budget drawdown using the change order process 

        Maintain Budget Over Lifetime
        • Automatically maintain original budget amount, current budget (including approved change orders/variations), and a forecast budget position 
        • Update budget with actuals, accruals, VOWD, and progress measures



        Track Budget & Cost Progress
        • Baseline budgets for comparison and reporting
        • Automatically calculate all industry-standard earned value metrics and KPIs
        • Include all relevant scheduling data during budget updating process and the forecasting of project budgets is automatically re-spread over the latest project scheduling dates
        • Summarize periodic actuals to relevant budgets allowing remaining value to be re-forecast and providing visibility on cash flow projections across the life of a project

        Download Mpower Cost & Budget Control Brochure


        Are you Ready to Get Control of your Project Costs and Budget?



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        Are you ready to get control of your project costs and budget?
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