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        Proarc 7.2 Feature Pack 3 – Mobile EDMS & Document Organizer

        We are pleased to announce the release of Proarc Feature Pack 3 for version 7.2. This new release includes the Proarc EDMS Mobile and Document Organizer modules. These new modules have been designed to improve flexibility and efficiencies for users who need to access documents within Proarc while away from the office network– such as when in the field or working offline. Highlights of these new modules are included below. Please speak to an Ascertra representative for complete Feature Pack 3 information.

        Proarc EDMS Mobile

        Proarc EDMS is the mobile companion to Proarc Online. The new mobile capabilities enable remote access to all documents stored in Proarc. Documents can be accessed via search, favourites, or through a user’s ‘recent’ documents.

        Proarc Mobile EDMS ApplicationIn addition to accessing documents, tasks can be managed and new workflows can be created. Users can add comments and upload pictures to Proarc from the mobile application, allowing users to feed valuable information back to Proarc while on a site or away from the office.

        Proarc EDMS is available for Android and iOS.

        With Proarc EDMS, users can:

        • Access documents when out in the field
        • Complete tasks on the go
        • Add comments to documents
        • Easily add pictures to documents and comments

        Document Organizer

        Distribution, publishing, and handover of large volumes of documents can be challenging when dealing with complex projects. The new Document Organizer, paired with the built-in Proarc export functionality, helps to overcome hurdles associated with these activities while maintaining control of documents. With Document Organizer, documents and metadata can be exported and organized offline by selected metadata (e.g., by handover indexes, document category, discipline, area codes, etc.).

        Document Organizer provides the ability to exchange project data and documents, publish new versions of documents on an Intranet, transfer handover data to a client, and build compound documents required for complex tasks.

        With Document Organizer, users can:

        • Download documents for local access when offline or have limited network connectivity
        • Search and browse documents using a simple web interface
        • Download specific documents using scheduled tasks or ad-hoc when required
        • Create structured exports with metadata and files for handover

        Proarc Document OrganizerProarc Document Organizer


        Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime

        The Proarc Desktop application uses the Microsoft Edge rendering engine component and this component will require upgrading in conjunction with the new Proarc release. The new Microsoft Edge WebViewer2 will correct limitations in the current component that affect Proarc, including problems rendering language in dialogs and issues with links in emails. In addition to correcting these issues, users must install Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime in order for the Proarc Desktop application to function.

        If you have any questions or concerns regarding this download, please contact the Proarc Customer Success Team.


        Learn More About Feature Pack 3

        For full details on Feature Pack 3, please contact us.


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