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        Proarc 7.3 FP2: Event-based PDF Conversion & More

        Proarc 7.3 Feature Pack 2 Release

        Today, we are happy to announce the release of  Proarc 7.3 Feature Pack 2.  Highlights of this feature pack include:

        • Event/Rule-based PDF Conversion
          Trigger the automated conversion of documents into PDFs based on events related to a document, file, or revision. Typical events that trigger this conversion include “On Revision Update”, “On Document Update”, and “On File Created”. For example, all files for a revision can be converted to PDF when the revision status is set to “Approved”

        Figure 1: Trigger the automatic conversion to PDFs based on events or rules.

        • Performance Enhancements
          Development updates that help improve the overall performance of Proarc 7.3 (e.g. the Desktop client is now a native 64-bit client).
        • Bug Fixes & Features
          • Delete activities feature in Web Activity List
          • Add comments from Desktop Client
          • Reset/Clear feature in Document Profile now behaves differently based on ini-rules

        Upgrade and Availability Dates

        Further details regarding all updates in the feature pack will be provided in the Proarc 7.3 Feature Pack 2 release notes. Proarc Online upgrade dates and availability information to be confirmed and provided. 

        If you have any questions or concerns regarding this release, please contact the Proarc Customer Success Team.

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