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        Interface Connect 4.4 Release Sneak Peek

        We’re thrilled to share a sneak peek at the upcoming release of Interface Connect 4.4! This release will enhance current project integration capabilities within Coreworx Interface Connect by providing two new process connectors.

        Integrated Purpose-Built Interface Management

        Current trends point to organizations looking to purchase best of breed solutions to meet specific project management disciplines, including interface management. By integrating these solutions, organizations can leverage the expertise of multiple vendors to address specific needs more effectively. Organizations are not constrained by the limitations of a one-size-fits-all approach. This flexibility allows for greater adaptability to unique business processes and workflows.

        Imagine the power you could place in the hands of your project team if, with a single query, they can view the entire history of a deliverable or interface or track the history and decisions made on a change order. All the information and artifacts related to project interface, document, or task are linked. 

        To simplify integration with Coreworx Interface Connect and speed time to value on integrations, Coreworx Interface Connect release 4.4 will provide two new integration connectors, including:


        EDMS Connector

        Accurate Documents for Interfaces

        Major capital projects must ensure all teams are working from the latest revision of all project-related documents in order to manage related risk. The most current revision will contain the latest updates, corrections, and modifications. Using outdated revisions can lead to errors, misunderstandings, and inconsistencies in workflows and decision-making processes that can be catastrophic to the project as well as the project’s delivery teams.

        Contractors typically submit transmittals to communicate the transfer of documents or deliverables to the project. Many of these documents include information that is critical to interfaces and are the subject of many interface agreements and, therefore, must be shared between interface stakeholders. Calculations, drawings, specifications, and other documents must be shared to ensure consistency of specifications and design and to ensure successful integration at project interface points.

        Sharing these interface-related documents using email attachments introduces serious risk to the process, as well as to all team members accessing the attachments since it becomes impossible to know if the attachment is the latest accurate version of the document. To reduce this related risk, linking document deliverables directly with interface deliverables via integration is the safest solution. Integration will ensure interfacing parties always have access to the current revision of a deliverable and are automatically informed when newer revisions are submitted.


        How It Works

        The Coreworx EDMS Connector gives users the ability to search for and select controlled documents creating links from interface points and interface agreements. The links are maintained throughout the life cycle of the interface document. When new revisions of the controlled documents are available, Interface Connect sends notifications to the interface stakeholders involved.


        Figure 1: Coreworx EDMS Connector with controlled document links * 

        Key Benefits of the EDMS Connector

        Enables simplified integration with EDMS, providing:

        • Stakeholders with consistent access to the latest revisions of documents and drawings
        • Enhanced collaboration
        • Increased visibility on scopes of work and potential interface issues for stakeholders


        Microsoft Power BI Connector

        Critical decision-making occurs daily on capital projects. Business intelligence tools, like Microsoft’s Power BI, provide a technology-driven process for analyzing data and delivering actionable information that helps project teams make informed business decisions.


        How It Works

        Project teams use Power BI to easily connect project data sources and enable data visualization capabilities that help them discover what is important and quickly identify areas of concern. It helps projects operate more intelligently! Interface data, integrated with other project data, and displayed with Power BI visualization tools provides a powerful picture of actual progress and other interface-related insights across your organization.

        The Coreworx Power BI Connector will ensure easy access to interface data for all your reporting needs. The results are in your hands with the ability to design reports and analyze and view data in a way that makes sense for your organization.

        Figure 2: Interface Trends Report



        The EDMS and Power BI integration connectors in Interface Connect release 4.4 will provide project teams with easier access to critical, up-to-date, and reliable data. Through connecting multiple systems via integrations, sharing appropriate and accurate data within the organization is accelerated, greatly reducing communication delays and human error.

        Stay tuned for more information about this exciting release!

        If you have any questions about Interface Connect 4.4 prior to the official release, contact us for more details.

        *Concept screen - subject to change in released product 



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