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        Case Study: Socar HAOR Modernization with Interface Management

        Read how Coreworx Interface Connect helped Phase 1 of this refinery modernization project.


        Project Overview


        The Heydar Aliyev Oil Refinery (HAOR), owned and operated by State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR), required an extensive phased modernization project. As part of the Refinery Upgrade Project a number of new process units were installed in the existing refinery and a number of existing process units were revamped.


        Project Challenges

        During early planning, the project team identified the complexity of the project and understood it would present many challenges; in managing scope, stakeholders, and in technical complexity. Determining the interface strategy was one of the first challenges and one that would play a key factor in the overall success of the project.

        Major interface challenges:

        • Numerous tie-ins to existing facility and between EPC contractors involved in the project
        • Large volume of high-risk interfaces
        • Growing and complex communication matrix



        How the Project Managed Interface Risk 

        Early on the team recognized there would be a large volume of interfaces on the project that would increase project risk if not managed properly. To manage interfaces effectively, the lead EPC recommended using an automated interface management system. The EPC had success managing interfaces on another project using the Coreworx interface management solution and selected the same solution for the HOAR modernization project.


        “Our EPC made the recommendation and it was the right decision!”

        -Kamran Heydarov


        Project Outcome with Interface Management Summary

        Reflecting on the project and outcome, the team summarized the following lessons learned and benefits achieved applying interface management using Coreworx Interface Connect.

        • Central communication – one interface register
          • Gave Owner visibility - with email they had none
          • Ensured that shared information is official for project use, keeping Contractors accountable
          • All associated interface information archived and recorded under dedicated subject
        • Official system for interface collaboration and compliance
          • System ensured capture of consistent data and interface queries
          • Ability to import and export interface management data proved beneficial

        Despite the high-risk interface complexities, the project’s interface management program, backed by the Coreworx Interface Connect solution, enabled SOCAR to achieve the Phase 1 of HOAR Modernization Project goals related to managing interface risks.


        "Our interface management system helped us to resolve the issues in an efficient and systematic manner, enabling to record the flow of information appropriately”

        -Kamran Heydarov


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