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        Mpower Commercial Management Software

        [ See full Mpower Project Control and Cost Management Software Solution ]


        Mpower's Commercial Management software helps project-based organizations manage project commercials and gain visibility on project margins & subcontractor costs.


        Mpower Commercial Management also helps ensure all data is available for processing and inclusion on invoices/valuations within days of the end of the period.




        Along with charge rates, Mpower allows management or internal cost providing clear visibility of profitability across a project, work area, discipline, or any other metric you define.

        Download Mpower Commercial Management Brochure

        Why Use Mpower Commercial Management?

        • Manage project commercials in one central, controlled location

          • Get insights on profitability across a project, work area, discipline, etc.

          • Gain visibility on project margins, subcontractor costs, and invoicing

          • Use structured, multi-level rate structures aligned to business processes and contracts

          • Track Cost (internal), Price (external revenue), and Qty (hours) across all metrics


          • Produce verified invoices or project valuations within days of end of period


          • Manage rate changes, future, and retrospective with immediate value reconciliations

        Mpower Commercial Management Capabilities


        Create timely invoices and project valuations based on structured, multi-level rates for timesheets plus chargeable procurement items, fixed price, and periodic elements.

        Estimating Rates
        • Build and automatically apply estimating rules based on average rates in the system 
        • Configure custom calculations, such as indirect costs, overheads, head office costs, etc.
        • Develop accurate and complete project estimates


        Valuations & Invoices
        • Ensure all data is available for processing and inclusion on invoices/valuations within days of  period end
        • Easily reconcile previously charged rates against what should have been charged and produce retrospective invoices/valuations for any difference

        Charge Rates
        • Generate sales invoices or a Value of Work Done (VOWD) statement based on work executed in the field
        • Proactively calculate the value or service provided and provide reports for asset owners and their subcontractor payments 
        • Calculate all standard budget earned value metrics enabling project owners to easily compare estimates, actual costs, revenue values, CPIs, Budgeted Cost of Work Schedule, Budgeted Cost of Work Performed, Earned Value, etc. 
        • Provide total transparency of project cost performance
        • Reduce invoicing time and eliminate invoicing queries

        • Cost Rates
          • Obtain full job cost information through detailed cost rates that get applied to completed timesheets
          • Track all relevant material costs, equipment costs, subcontractor costs, etc.
          • Access up-to-date and accurate assessments of the total cost to date

        Download Mpower Commercial Management Brochure


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