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        Mpower Release Available: Search Efficiency, Productivity Reporting

        We're excited to share details for the new release of Mpower: MP4 This release improves searching, reporting, and administration functions in Mpower Project Controls and Cost Management software. This release is currently available since April 15th, 2024. 

        Our latest release's highlights include:

        • More efficient and precise searches
        • Stronger governance for access controls
        • Improved Earned Value/Productivity reporting


        More Efficient and Precise Searches

        We've added several flexible options to search queries in Mpower. 

        Mpower MP4 Employee Search Screen

        Figure 1: Employee Screen Search tab section


        New operators such as NOT IN, NOT LIKE, NULL, and NOT NULL provide greater flexibility when searching, reducing effort and time. Searches also return a more precise set of records. 


        Flexible Access Control Administration

        Administrators applying access rights in Mpower can now use User Groups as well as just Users. 

        This allows all users within a group to be authorised for approver or timewriter with the correct permissions in one simple operation. 


        Improved Earned Value/Productivity Reporting 

        This release provides more improvements to Mpower's strong earned value and productivity reporting

        The Progress Entries feature, used for reporting earned value and productivity, has a new overall layout. We've added a Structure section that mimics the same fields and layout as on the main Activity Search tab. 

        The Search functions for the Progress Entries screen provide additional columns including Job Type, Work Type, Team, and Location. 

        Mpower MP4 Progress Entries Screen

        Figure 2: Progress Entries Search tab section 


        More Information

        Mpower release MP4 includes several other developments and enhancements in addition to what's listed above. A comprehensive list of changes included in this release is published in our release notes. Get in touch with us through customer support if you'd like more information

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