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        Managing Delays, Shutdowns & Restarts with Interface Management

        Learn how interface management can help projects recover from unforeseen challenges

        Early last week, I sat in on a webinar hosted by the Construction Industry Institute (CII) -  COVID-19 Blog Series: Shutting Down a Project: A Framework and Lessons Learned. During the discussion, all presenters emphasized the need for the industry to come together and share best practices that will help major projects across the industry deal with this crisis and recover with the best outcomes possible.

        With that in mind, I started thinking about what learnings and lessons we could share with the construction industry to help teams with recovery. Some information I thought would be helpful at this time include educational posts that explain how interface management has been implemented on past projects to assist with rapid and successful project restarts following a sudden shutdown. Although the current crisis is on a grander scale, the interface management concepts we’ve seen projects apply to deal with past challenges can definitely prove beneficial when coming back from today's monumental hurdles.

         Educational Resources: Interface Management & Unforeseen Challenges

        Reduce Impact of Contractor Turnover with Interface Management

        This article looks at a project that dealt with the dismissal of a contractor mid-execution. This team’s disciplined interface management program helped them understand exactly what that contractor had already completed related to each interface at that point in time and what would still need to be completed. This information assisted with rapid tendering and re-mobilization of a new contractor. Read the case study here.

        Rescuing a Troubled Project – Interface Management and the Recovery Schedule

        This article discusses how a recovery schedule re-defines who needs to do what and when it needs to be completed and how interface management supports this further through the identification of roles and responsibilities across multiple interfacing stakeholders. Read more about the recovery schedule.

        Risk Mitigation in Project Management - Uncover Schedule Discrepancies

        This article teaches projects how linking the interface details to the schedule milestones will bring projects an increased level of awareness and provide the transparency needed to ensure that interface-related activity aligns with the schedule.  Read more about interface management and project schedules.

        *Webinar: Project Shutdown? Learn How Interface Management Can Help Mitigate Restart Risks*

        Has your project been shut down? Planning for a rapid restart when given the green light?  Watch our 30-minute webinar to learn about the concept of integrating interfaces into your new schedule. This webinar will discuss how integration with the schedule – the new schedule – can further eliminate project restart challenges by helping to re-establish due dates on all outstanding interface activity – measuring interface performance against new expectations!   Watch the webinar here.


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