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        The Right Document Control Software for Engineering Managers

        What Engineering Managers Look For In An Ideal Document Control Software 

        One of the most challenging obstacles for engineering managers is maintaining control over the quality and content of their work. As managers, they oversee several processes handled by various personnel and organizations.




        There is nothing more frustrating to these individuals than discovering they haven’t been working off the most up to date revision for a document or drawing. The challenge of maintaining control throughout all steps of the document lifecycle can be overbearing if using an outdated system, database, or email alone.

        This is why many engineering managers look to modern document control software—like an electronic document management systems (EDMS)—to help them take control of their projects. Here’s what the most experienced managers look for when picking the right system for their project:


        Planning Tools

        A successful journey always starts with having the right map.

        That’s why effective engineering managers use an EDMS which can align document deliveries with the right lifecycle information requirements and coding manuals. This gives them the control they need and the confidence that documents will be delivered on time and with accuracy.

        As well, such an EDMS will give each team member the right tools and appropriate level of control relative to their task.



        Depending on the amount of documents, it can be impossible for engineering managers to oversee and maintain control of all the documents from their team members, clients, and subcontractors.

        Document approval processes and deadline tracking should not occupy the majority of the time an engineering manager is working.

        This is why implementing the right document control software with convenient and clear workflows is critical. Proper approval and communication of tasks with a dedicated inbox assure schedules are maintained and deadlines are met without unnecessary stress or, potentially, lost revenue and late fees.


        Progress and Delivery

        Proper visibility often means the difference between success and failure. 

        Visual forecasts and customizable dashboards alongside accurate project reports give engineering managers the certainty that work is commencing as it should or the insight to know where potential delays are brewing.

        As well, these individuals need their EDMS to make that data exportable and compatible with other software they are using, such as Primavera and Safron.

        With so many important documents to manage, many engineering managers elect to use Proarc as their solution of choice. When it comes to the leaders in the world of engineering, oil and gas, marine, and other fields, our EDMS has been found to help them maintain control with both ease and confidence.

        If you are an engineering manager who is currently researching the best means of liberating yourself from ineffective document management, you will absolutely want to consider Proarc by Ascertra as a solution. To discover if this is a fit for your next project, consider downloading our brochure or schedule a demonstration.

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