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        Gain More Control with A Cloud-Based Document Management System

        If you’re like most Document Controllers or EPC Managers, you’re well aware of the painful process of managing documentation for your entire organization, as well as outside stakeholders.

        You and your team struggle to make sure everyone has the right access to the right files and can update, check the status of, and revise documents when they need to.

        Gain More Control with A Cloud Based Document Management System


        Cloud-Based Document Management System Makes a Big Difference

        Here’s how:

        As your business grows, it can feel impossible to do your job well when you don’t have the technical infrastructure you need to support a large, enterprise-level on-premise software install.

        The good news is, professionals—like yourself—can now employ cloud-based document management solutions to configure, enable control and scale their businesses. This means that companies can have the confidence they need that their employees are focused on their actual work rather than wasting valuable time updating or constantly managing their software infrastructure.


        7 Daily Benefits of a Cloud-Based EDMS Solution

        With a premier cloud based engineering document management system (EDMS), you can enjoy the following benefits:


        1. Organized Content - Easily find what you’re looking for and gain access to metadata templates and revision control in a cloud based document management system.

        2. Planned Projects & Deliveries - Set due dates and assign responsibilities, create project schedules and re-use as templates.

        3. Efficient Work Processes - Manage your review and approval process, while making sure contributors are aware of deadlines and personal task lists.

        4. Collaboration With External Users - Use a single source of data for all of your communication and delegate who has access to what.

        5. Monitored Progress - Employ standard dashboards and reports, track milestones, and gain detailed tracking capabilities.

        6. Easy-To-Deliver Reports - Manage revision handling and structure deliveries based on the right coding and numbering.

        7. Audit-Ready Data - Experience full control of your documents and processes and track who’s viewed your data.


        Experience the Benefits of A Cloud-Based Document Management System

        If you’re ready to experience these types of benefits and more, it may be time for your company to employ a cloud-based EDMS solution. Proarc Online is the most trusted cloud based document management system for technical documentation in the oil and gas, energy, construction and infrastructure sectors.


        Born out of the need to improve how documentation is managed, controlled, revised, tracked and delivered within the E&P industry —specifically, the North Sea Oil and Gas market—Proarc EDMS was developed as an efficient way to comply with NORSOK regulations. Our industry experts are highly experienced in the oil and gas industry, which is why our unique software solution is flexible, yet specifically designed to enable EPCs and engineers to experience unmatched success.

        If you’re looking for a complete, configurable & scalable documentation solution, contact Ascertra to discuss a customized demo or a discovery call.

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