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        Top 3 Interface Management Benefits – John Thropp, Wintershall

        Following the 2nd annual Interface Management conference in Amsterdam, Oil & Gas IQ stopped to talk to John Thropp, Interface Lead on the Maria project at Wintershall, on his views of interface management.



        John explains the importance and benefits of Interface Management programmes in oil, gas, rail, and utility projects.


        What are the top 3 benefits of implementing an interface management program?
        1. The operator will have visibility to what is happening.
        2. The contractors have visibility and control over their interfaces.
        3. The company can focus on what is important and target the problem with key contractors.

        What was your key takeaway from the Interface Management Conference?
        • It’s interesting how Rail and Oil & Gas projects have remarkably similar interface challenges.
        • An appreciation for the tie-in and differences between Greenfield vs. Brownfield projects.

        What was the focus of your presentation at the Interface Management Conference?
        • The complexities of the Maria project and how interface management was implemented and tied into change management, technical queries and other project management processes between operator and contractor.
        • All processes are interlinked. You can add value by managing the process as a whole.

        How can you get buy-in when planning and interface management program?
        Put it in the risk register and make it as red as you can! Now they have to do something about it!
        Why would you recommend the Interface Management Conference to your project colleagues?
        If you have any interest in why your project is having schedule and cost issues, you need to learn more about interface management and other project processes.

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