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        How Coreworx is being used in an LNG Joint Venture Project

        Products Used:  Project Information Control, Coreworx Interface Management, Change Management, Request for Information, Deliverables Management
        Location of Users: USA (Houston), Australia, Japan
        Number of Users: 1, 500+
        Project Value: $34 Billion

        Project Description

        Located offshore Australia, this LNG project comprises of a subsea production system, a semi-submersible central processing facility, and a floating production, storage, and offtake vessel. Gas will be processed offshore and will be exported to onshore processing facilities through a subsea pipeline. The project is expected to produce 8.4 million tons of LNG and 1.6 million tons of LPG per year, along with 100,000 barrels of condensate per day at its peak.

        Problem to Solve: Interface Management

        As a joint venture project with dozens of contractors to manage, the client needed to implement a system that set the standard for how projects were executed corporately. This is the first large capital project our client has managed. With contractors and suppliers spread across the globe, they needed rigorous and timely management of information. The previous system in place was not expected to handle the volume of information or provide the automation required to streamline the management of project information.

        Solution: Project Information Control (PIC), Coreworx Interface Management (CIM), Change Management, Request for Information, Deliverables Management

        Coreworx was chosen due to a number of reasons including the proven capability to manage very large volumes of information, its built-in business processes and automation of business practices, as well as the integration of value-added applications, such as Change Management, RFI, and Interface Management.

        Coreworx Advantages

        From the user’s perspective, Coreworx was determined to provide:

        • Seamless and secure web-based access to every document a user is authorized to view
        • The most current information available
        • Automatic revision control on all managed documents
        • Active eForms and role-based workflows which automatically route notifications to an  inbox
        • Single sign-on and integration with Outlook email notifications
        • Secure collaboration with contractors
        • Integration of all document-related functions – for example, seamless transition from a technical query to a change request
        • Strong reporting capabilities that include real-time dashboard reporting, easily defined user reports, and auto-sort and filter functions

        From the project owner’s perspective, Coreworx was determined to provide:

        • Robust capabilities to address contractual, legal, and audit requirements for the management and control of project documents
        • A proven, scalable solution appropriate for a project of this size
        • Automated document control functions, including: metadata population, package creation, and integrity checking; version control, approval workflows, exception alerting, and generation of transmittal receipts
        • A workflow-driven, collaborative solution for interface management that enables early identification, prioritization, and resolution of interface issues
        • Strong support for management of change through compliance and control of approval steps, authorization of parties, auditing, and traceability

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