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        Advanced Project Insights with Interface KPIs

        Interface Management Expert Panel Webinar

        KPIs provide invaluable insights that help teams manage complex capital projects through each phase of the project lifecycle to successful completion. What many may not know, however, is the depth of insight projects can obtain from the KPIs produced through their interface management program.

        A panel of experienced interface management professionals discuss interface management KPIs - how to plan for them and how to use them effectively. Some of the unique and valuable key performance indicators discussed during this webinar include:

        • Indicators identifying issues with the quality of contractor responses or collaboration
        • Indicators identifying disconnects in alignment between interface parties during design
        • Indicators identifying late interface deliverables that put your schedule at risk
        • Plus lessons learned and planning recommendations

        To receive a recording of this webinar, complete the accompanying form.

        Webinar Recording

        Webinar Presenters

        Arthur Ruiz Interface Manager

        Arthur Ruiz

        Experienced Interface and Project Manager


        Michael Bible

        Experienced Interface and Project Manager

        Kelly Maloney, Senior Product Manager for Interface Management at Coreworx

        Kelly Maloney

        Senior Product Manager, Interface Management